Welcome to Your Personalized Visit

Congratulations on embarking upon your journey to health and fitness.

Based on your needs, preferences and goals, one or more of the following can be addressed at your visit.   

  1. Age Management 

  2. Hormone Evaluation and Management

  3. Weight Management

  4. Nutrition Evaluation and Management

  5. Genetic Testing and Risk Management

  6. Gut Evaluation and Treatment 

  7. Food Sensitivity Testing

  8. Immune System Evaluation and Management

  9. Chronic Fatigue Evaluation and Management 

  10. Integrative chronic disease management  


Below is a list of some of the tests offered for a typical Visit. Not all patients need all the tests. Based on your individualized needs, preferences, and goals, some of these tests can be included in your evaluation. A comprehensive management plan is designed thereafter. 

Important Notice:

This website and its contents are for the purposes of general information and education only and are not to be used for diagnosis or treatment without the supervision of a healthcare provider.

Email drdar@drdarmd.com for general information

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