Health and Disease

Health and disease are a part of the same continuum. Being free from an obvious disease does not mean being completely healthy. In fact, we live in a state of constant flux within the spectrum of health and disease. Find out where you are on this continuum. 


Walking around ditches

Often times, human body endures several pathological processes before outwardly manifesting symptoms or signs of a disease. This resilience provided to us by nature is a blessing in that it keeps us from suffering from even minor disturbances in our internal balance. However, it does make it difficult to halt a disease process early on because we do not become aware of it until it is too late. This is similar to walking around a ditch blindfolded and not knowing how close we are to the ditch until we fall into it. 

With modern science and personalized medicine approach, these ditches and our distance from them can be identified and falls can be prevented. 

One condition - Many imbalances, One imbalance, Many conditions

The difference between health and disease is balance among hundreds if not thousands of mechanisms. This balance plays a role in disease manifestation in many different ways and often not only diseases are caused by multiple factors, multiple diseases result in multiple symptoms as well which makes the task of diagnosis and disease management challenging. Therefore looking at a person as a whole and addressing all aspects of health is extremely important.  

Important Notice:

This website and its contents are for the purposes of general information and education only and are not to be used for diagnosis or treatment without the supervision of a healthcare provider.

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