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What kind of suit do you want to wear?

We all wear clothes. Some of us pay close attention when purchasing clothes in terms of how these fit, feel and look. Others are somewhat easy going.

Imagine you are needing a suit for yourself. There are several options. You can go to a thrift store, get one that seems like it will fit, try it, pay the price and walk out. It will serve the basic purpose. You may not enjoy wearing it and if you don't take care of the fabric, it may get worn out so fast that you throw it away after a short while. Another option is to go to a high-end clothing store, see if your size is available, try it, get it altered if needed, pay the price and enjoy wearing it for some time. If you keep up with dry cleaning, don't sweat in it much and replace broken buttons, it may last for a while. Now, lets say you decide to get a custom made suit for yourself. You pick the right fabric, give your measurements, pay for stitching, match accessories and keep up with dry cleaning and repairs. You even check with the fabric store to see what specific type of fabric care products you need to use to keep the suit looking new. You buy extra buttons and cuff-lings to go with it just in case. This suit will last you for a very long time. It may even motivate you to stay in shape so that you continue to be able to fit in it and be fashionably comfortable.

Our bodies are our fabric. Each one of us is given some to wear in the form of a suit. It is basic. If we do nothing and let life wear it, it will be worn down. Time will exert it's effect until the shelf life is reached. Most of us are familiar with this phenomenon called aging and most of us try to stay fit and prevent or delay routine wear and tear of our bodies or our suits. However, if we want to be precise, use the right fabric care products, turn this fabric into custom made suit, keep matching buttons in stock, not sweat in our suits, keep up with dry cleaning, and not outgrow the suit, we will be able to wear our suits for a very long time and stay fashionably comfortable.

Practical translation of the above analogy is that we can eat the right foods and exercise (use right fabric care products), get personalized health or lifestyle plan based upon our very unique and individualized genetic and epi-genetic make-up (custom made suit), not let our bodies get bogged down by inevitable and ubiquitous environmental toxins (not sweat in our suits), and routinely evaluate and improve our health status either simply by monitoring our weight, fitness status etc. or objectively by getting lab data and fixing any issues (dry cleaning), and lastly not let the effects of time, stress and life take over our health to the point where chronic diseases become irreversible. This way, we not only can maximize the length of time we can wear our suits but also keep it looking great.

The other option is and the consequences attached to it are obvious. Do very little or nothing, stitch our fabric in a bare minimum fashion, not take care of the fabric, not care about whether or not it fits and let it fall apart as a natural process. It will happen very fast because hey, the suit is not going to bring itself to the dry cleaners.This is one place where most of us will agree that the "natural" is not good.

So the choice is yours. What kind of suit do you want to wear?