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Integrating Healthy Lifestyle, Genomics and Medicine 

What is personalized medicine?

One imbalance, many diseases

One disease, many imbalances

Why not treat the root cause !

"The good physician treats the disease. The great physician treats the patient who has the disease" 


Welcome to my site. This website is dedicated to patients who I serve and is to be used as a resource for patients who are considering to see me. 

My practice is based on principles of functional and integrative medicine which view a disease state as a result of many imbalances and an imbalance causing many diseases. My aim is to address root causes of various imbalances to improve your health span. As a medical doctor, I feel an obligation to contribute to improve your quality of life and maximize your health span. You will see a lot of information on this site on various topics as it continues to grow. Enjoy!


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World's Healthiest Yogurt

World's Healthiest Breakfast?

Healthy Make Ahead Meal Option

Nice Cream - Zero Sugar - Whole Foods - Plant Based

Eat Complex Carbs

Vegetables in a Hurry

Metabolic Syndrome 

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