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Metabolic Evaluation:


As we age, our both the speed and quality of our metabolism change. A vast majority of my patients wonder why they are not able to lose weight easily as they were able to in the past or why is it that they get so tired so easily. Among many reasons, metabolic derangement is often a culprit. Our bodies lose the ability to metabolize nutrients, we become less and less resilient to day to day stress and our recovery times become inefficient. Metabolic testing provides helpful information in this regard such that an actionable plan can be devised. Most tests related to metabolic testing are covered by typical insurance companies. Some markers of metabolic testing are listed in the table below. Metabolic testing is not limited to these markers. In fact, most people undergo routine metabolic testing during regular check-ups. These tests generally include overall health assessment such as cholesterol, diabetes screen, liver and kidney function tests, complete blood count,  vitamin D levels, basic thyroid function tests etc. We perform basic and advanced testing based on individual patient needs and devise a personalized care plan. 

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