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Telomere Testing:



















Telomeres are end-caps of chromosomes in your cells like ends of shoelaces. Each of us is born with approximately 125,000 base pairs. We start to lose these as we age. Regardless of how well or poorly we age, we all lose telomeres. It is just a part of being alive. However, the rate at which we lose our telomeres differs from person to person and depends greatly on how well or poorly we treat our bodies. Telomere testing can be done through commercial direct to consumer companies and this test does not require a doctor's order. Telomere testing provides helpful information in terms of how well or poor one is ageing but is not necessarily required for age management. I do recommend this test if you are taking several proactive steps to feel young and healthy and want to know if your hard work is paying off. 


Chronological Age and Cellular or Biological Age:

Telomere length reflects the difference between chronological and biological age. A healthy lifestyle, exercise, stress reduction and balancing of health through multiple modalities such as nutrition and hormone optimization, telomere length can be maintained and the devastating effects of ageing can be reduced. 



A typical report looks like this,

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