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Professional Consulting for Personalized Medicine


Everly grateful for a wonderful family

Medical Training:

Dr. Saira Dar completed her medical education and residency at Regions Hospital

in Minnesota in 2005.  During her residency training, she presented at various

local and National events and conferences on behalf of her training institution.


Specialty Training:

Dr. Dar finished fellowship in Functional Medicine through A4M and received

 additional training for reversing cognitive decline in the elderly through the

IFM (institution of Functional medicine) sponsored program RECODE.

She completed her training to treat and manage Opioid dependence and is licensed

to offer such treatment. 


Additional Qualifications:

Dr. Dar completed MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from University of Massachusetts,

Amherst and then MEHP (Masters in Health Professions Education) from John Hopkins University. 

Medical Practice:

Dr. Dar's practice is in Modesto, CA. Her practice is largely focused on adults, children and geriatric population. Her main areas

of focus are integrative medicine, functional medicine, incorporating diet and

lifestyle into health and anti-aging medicine. 

She is currently practice functional medicine. Please visit to schedule an appointment and learn more about the practice. 

Training the Future Generation:

Dr. Dar is currently the program director for VCME (Valley Consortium for Medical Education) family medicine residency in Modesto, California at the Doctors Medical Center.

for several years.

Her scholarly work includes a medical text book "Clinical Mid Maps - Using the Epi-logical Approach".  

Leadership Roles:

Dr. Dar held several leadership roles as a medical director, course director and supervisor at various organizations.


Practice Style:

Dr Dar's passion is to provide care that is based on the principles of personalized and integrative medicine and improve health-spans.  She focuses on medicine, nutrition, and genomics to cater to each individual patient’s needs.  Believing that each of us is unique, Dr. Dar develops a customized care plan for one patient at a time.

Sharing the Good Vibes


I believe that the purpose of life is to impart in the vastness of the universe to its fullest potential and there are countless possibilities to do so.

Building a healthy mind, body and spirit makes it possible for us to access our potential. We owe it to life to not do so. Here, sharing a few things for a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy !

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