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Gut Evaluation:


Gut evaluation is an important component of overall health assessment. Gut disturbances affect almost anyone at some point in life. For some people, gut disorders become chronic and impact long-term health. 

Typical testing includes tests for

1. Food allergies and sensitivities in the form of serum IgE and IgG levels for several foods.

2. Evaluation for microbiome balance, sufficiency, inflammation and infection.

3. Intestinal permeability test with zonulin 

Based upon individual symptoms and health conditions, insurance companies fully or partially cover comprehensive evaluation.  

Functional gut evaluation may indicate several functional gut disorders including below. For more information on these disorders, click on individual diagnosis.

  1. Leaky gut

  2. Irritable bowel syndrome

  3. SIBO

Below is a video on healing the gut based upon food sensitivities report and examples of a typical food sensitivity and a microbiome evaluation report. 

Sample Food Sensitivity Report 


Sample Gut Microbiome Report

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