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Dirty dozen chemicals and how to avoid them 

"Solution to pollution is dilution"


In summary,

  • eat organic

  • drink filtered

  • avoid plastic

  •  use less cosmetics

  • read labels

and just be a good citizen 


BPA (Bisphenol A)- Avoid canned goods (sodas, drinks, pantry items). Go fresh. 



Dioxins - Are found in animal products. Eat as much plant based diet as possible. 


Atrazine - Found in herbicide used on crops. Eat organic foods. Refer to clean 15 and dirty dozen foods. 


Phthalates - Found in plastic products. Use paper bags or bring your own bags when shopping. Avoid plastic products.


Perchlorate - Found in unfiltered water, milk and produce. Drink filtered water and buy organic milk or use plant based milk.


Fire retardants - Use HEFA filters. 


Lead - Avoid lead based paint exposure. Check levels and decontaminate if needed.


Arsenic - Found in unfiltered water, rice and sea food. Use filtered water and avoid heavy consumption of sea food and rice. Use basmati rice which has minimum to zero arsenic content. 


Mercury - Found in sea food and various produce. Avoid heavy consumption fish known to accumulate high levels of mercury such as tuna. Wild salmon, farmed trout and small fish at the lower end of food chain do not accumulate high levels and therefore should be preferred. 


Perflourinated Chemicals - Found in the lining of non-stick pans and stain resistant fabric. It is not entirely clear how this chemical can damage the body. 


Organophosphate Pesticides - Used in crops as pesticides. Buy as much organic as possible. Refer to the dirty dozen and clean fifteen list. 


Glycol Ethers - Found in numerous cleaning products and can cause shrinkage of testicles. Check ingredients when buying household supplies. These are listed as EGBE and DEGME. Buy clean cleaning products. 

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